Joe Myers' Restaurant, Lancaster, PA

Joe Myer's Restaurant on Route 30, Lancaster as it looked ca. 1980. Inset: Affable owner, George L. Myers


Joe Myers' Restaurant

Lancaster, PA

May 14, 2017

Joe Myers Restaurant was located at 2270 Route 30 a couple miles east of Lancaster, PA across the highway from the wonderful Dutch Wonderland amusement park and the Lancaster County Wax Museum.

Between the former restaurant site (now a hotel) and The Host Farm Resort still stands an old stone house that was originally on the site of Dutch Wonderland. The Myers Family saved the house from demolition by moving it (very slowly) on a trailer across Route 30.

Throughout the 1970s, my family and I ate at Joe Myers' twice a year, every April and October. It's where we had dinner after attending the semi-annual Train Collectors Association meet at the International Fairgrounds over in York. My Mom didn't care to spend hours looking at trains, so we dropped her off at Park City Mall.

Prior to being moved to York in 1969, the TCA meet was held in a guernsey barn off Route 30 near Joe Myers'. I gather that the restaurant was a favorite spot of old-time collectors, particularly those heading back to Philly, Jersey and NY. It may have been a TCA member who put us on to eating there.

At dinner time on Saturday nights there was always a long line, mostly of locals, waiting to be seated. These were kept amused by George Myers, the original owner's son who asked where they were from and regaled them with chitchat and extremely corny jokes.

Joe Myers Diner, Lancaster PA

The diner on this early Joe Myers' matchbook cover is likely a stock image, not an actual picture of the diner.

George bragged that he didn't have to borrow money to expand the restaurant. Indeed the place was very profitable and according to his 2016 obituary, George built up notable collections of coins, netsukes and Vienna bronzes.

Some time around 1994, the restaurant was sold to another local restaurateur named Lapp and was renamed Lapp's Family Restaurant. Lapp enlarged the building and added a little gift/souvenir shop. However the old dining room retained Joe Myers' fixtures and even a couple Joe Myers' waitresses. It still had most of the atmosphere and menu of Joe Myers'. The long waiting lines continued.

After 2006, Lapp's surrendered the building to a Japanese or Chinese eatery. Since then the old restaurant has been demolished for a Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites.

I would love to share your memories and photos of Joe Myers' Restaurant, especially from the early 1970s. Contact me before emailing any photos.

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