St. Aloysius

900 North Capitol St. 20001

NOTE: St. Aloysius is closed indefinitely following roof damage caused by April 2017 tornado.

In the vicinity of

Union Station, NoMa

Nearby Metro Station(s)

Union Station (Red), NoMa Gallaudet U. (Red)

Weekday Mass Schedule

Mon - Fri: 12:05 pm

Holy Day Schedule

Confession Schedule

Other Devotions

Sunday Mass Schedule

Sunday Masses are held at Holy Redeemer, 206 New York Ave, NW, at 9:30 am and 12:30 pm.

Special Events

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St. Aloysius

Built in the 1850s, just before Greco-Roman gave way to gothic, St. Aloysius is the oldest Catholic church building in downtown DC. Its treasures are several paintings done by Constantino Brumidi who, for decades, decorated the halls, rooms and Rotunda of the nearby U.S. Capitol Building.

St. Aloysius

Brumidi's altar piece at St. Al's depicts St. Aloysius receiving his First Communion from St. Charles Borromeo. The model for Aloysius' mother (at left) was Adele Cutts Douglas, wife of Stephen Douglas who ran against Abraham Lincoln for the Senate (Lincoln-Douglas debates) and the Presidency.