May 1, 2017

My Dining Guide of The Past is a page mostly about good restaurants in Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania and thereabouts that are now closed. I will also cover some good old places that are still hanging on at a time when local family-owned establishments are giving way to chain eateries.

A lot more will be added as time permits, so bookmark this page and revisit occasionally.

Eats In The Maryland Manor: a Reminiscence About The Peter Pan Inn

Peter Pan Inn, Urbana, MD

The Peter Pan Inn in 2008

Peter Pan Inn, Urbana, MD

May 2015: All that's left of the once-sprawling Peter Pan structure is the 1840s house.

Cleveland Park Gets Colder: Farewell Yenching Palace

Yenching Palace, Washington, DC

Yenching Palace, Washington, DC

More to come about these and many other closed and old restaurants

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